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Among Us Mod Apk

Download the Latest Version of Among Us Mod Apk here with several features that you can get such as unlocking all skins, pets and hats, some mod menu options that you can activate here.

After being viral with various types and models of battle royale games, finally a game was born that could be said to be unique and gave a different experience with lots of talk, tricks that can be obtained by playing it. Some players consider this game an icon for dealing with problems in the real world. There have been many accusations directed against several people, speculating on each other and in the end they are the ones who have to solve them.

Before this, maybe you were still doubtful and didn't know how to deal with the behavior of this game, there are many people who are stuck with the gameplay and decide to continue playing this game because by playing it they think they can express their opinions in a game.

The right strategy, slut tricky tricks, and ultimately killing each other, it is what you will find in the game Among Us. It's just that for several reasons people finally decided to look for a mod version of this game that gives them the experience and premium features that are open for free.

For this reason, if you are interested and want to find the right mod recommendation among us, I think you are on the right page. Because here you will find the right download link for the Among Us game which has been proven to work with several mod features that you can get in it.

But before directing you there, I would love to invite you to read some of the information below before you finally find the download link you are looking for here.

About Among Us

Among Us is a type of game with the online multiplayer genre created and released by the developer InnerSloth. InnerSloth itself is an indie game developer that has just released three game titles, namely Dig2China, Among Us, and The Henry Stickmin Collection which is the newest title this year.

Among Us has been released since June 15 2018 on three platforms, namely Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. This multiplayer game puts forward the ability to discuss and make the right decisions for the players who are placed in one plane. Consisting of crewmates and importers, the two camps must try to stay alive in order to win the game.

Of these two characters you will be randomly selected and no one can determine your position unless you use the mod version of the menu which I will offer you here. It's just that using the mod version means that you have cheated on other players.

Regardless of all that I personally prefer a challenge and want to involve it in this game. Trying to be an impostor rather than a crewmate is the right choice. Even though you will be a bad person, at least the gameplay you play is more challenging.

For this reason, there are several reasons why people prefer to play this among us mod and hope that with this version the players can rely on its features to have fun in the game. For those of you who are looking for the right download link among us mod, you can download it by finding the download link after this.

Among Us Mod Features

At least there are many things and advantages that you can take advantage of by using this application, some of which you will soon find out either by using this application yourself or seeing some of the information I have provided to you.

For that, if you haven't downloaded it, you must really consider your wishes and are very curious about the following mod applications, so that later you can decide whether you will use this application or not. That way I think you will need the following features:

1. Unlock All Skin (Baju)

Not all items and features unlock automatically when you play this game for the first time, some of them require extra work as well as official payment for the game so they can unlock these features. One of them is the item skin (clothes) in it. And you are in luck because among us mod makes you have all items of clothes for free and all are open at the beginning.

2. Unlock All Hats

Besides clothes, there are several items that make your appearance different from other players, one of which is by using a hat as a complement. Some mod versions give you access to hats with various characters and in the original version hats are paid items and to unlock these items you need to pay.

Unless you use among us mod which I offer you here so you can open all the hats for free.

3. Unlock All Pets

Sometimes opening up some of the traits you can trust like a pet can make you appear more confident. Because there is nothing among us that you can really believe if you don't prove it yourself. And the developer released the pets feature so you have animal friends who follow you where you move.

To open this feature, there are two ways you can do it, namely by paying or installing the latest mod version of Among us.

4. Menu Mod

There are several types of mods that you can get, some of which are the menu mod versions with the most searches. If you are interested in this mod version then you may know its function even more than myself. For that you can download the mod menu with some of the links I provide you up there.

5. Always Impostor (Jadi Impostor Terus)

As I mentioned earlier, being an impostor is the best choice. There are many people hoping to become an impostor character in a team, it's just that because the selection is random you can't determine especially for the original version.

And with the mod version of the menu you are destined to continue to be an impostor by enabling always impostor mode.

6. Radar Impostor

The impostor radar mode gives you the best way to see who is the real impostor so you can eliminate players with the correct disguises. Crewmate creates missions based on orders and impostors are only players to mess with it. You can find out who the real impostor is by discussing and making the right choice or also by activating the impostor radar mode in the mod menu.

7. End Game

Have you ever thought that suddenly you are in a problem that you cannot solve, it's just that your time to play the game is too short. For that you can end the game and win over the crewmate or impostor as you wish.

8. Others

In addition to some of the mod features that I mentioned above, there are still many mod features, especially the mod menu, which you can get here. Some of them I have mentioned above and others you can see below: No Kill Cooldown, Unlimited Emergency Meetings, Complete tasks, No Ads (No Ads) and many more.

Additional Information

Updated: 26 November 2020

Size: 76M

Installs: 100,000,000+

Current Version: 2020.11.17

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Content rating: Rated for 7+

Developer: Innersloth LLC

download~ 76 MB

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