Epic Conquest 2 Mod Apk 1.1d (Unlimited Money)


Epic Conquest 2 Mod Apk

Download the latest version of the epic conquest 2 mod apk here with various offers and interesting features that you can get such as unlimited money, mod menus and much more.

Adventure games have always been the most interesting among the other genres, imagining what it would be like to be in a fantasy world with brave warriors and knights loyal to the king in order to defeat monsters, magicians and his enemies. Complete the story and become a player who completes each mission in this game.

Sometimes fun things like that are very entertaining, especially for people who feel bored at home just watching television or otherwise playing social media. Presenting a visual story full of kingdoms in a fantasy world, how do you imagine this.

Full of challenges and admired knight characters, finally some people decided to try to play it and get a different gameplay from the usual adventure games. And if you haven't found the right recommendation, I think you can try playing the following Epic Conquest 2 game.

Not only that, because you already bothered coming here, let's take a look at some of the modification features offered to you by downloading them via a link that you will find shortly after. That way you will never get bored and find it difficult again with some items or even features that don't open when you play this game for the first time.

And instead, below you will also find various features of the Epic Conquest 2 Mod apk application such as unlimited money, gold, ruby, gold chest and various other mods. So you want to wait until when? Hurry up and download the Epic Conquest 2 mod and get the mod features that really work here.

But before I lead you there, I also want to invite you to understand some of the information below related to the epic conquest 2 game that you need to know.

About Epic Conquest 2

After finally succeeding with the first story Epic Conquest, game developers with a mission to develop games with different stories continue to present the second part of the first game release and Epic Conquest 2 is realized. find out how the second season came about.

With several considerations from the previous game's features, the development team managed to grab the players' attention with the new features, stories and skills it produced. The storyline is deeper, more creative and worth playing. If you are looking for an RPG game to satisfy your desire to play, don't miss Epic Conquest 2.

For that, for those of you who want to play this game, I recommend downloading it from the official platforms if what you are looking for here is the original version. And if you are interested in the mod version I think you can find the download link you are looking for on this page.

It's just that by playing the mod version maybe you will miss some of the pressure and challenges that make you finally want to continue playing it. It's just that for some people it might be too difficult to reach a level that is impossible for them to reach, especially in this game, there are some features that won't be unlocked unless you spend a little money to top up the game.

If you feel this right, then the only thing you can do to get it for free and it's easier is to download the Epic Congquest 2 Mod version which I will inform you soon below.

Epic Conquest 2 Features

There is nothing wrong with playing the epic conquest 2 mod apk with the features and benefits offered. It's just that you need to be aware that playing mod games or using the mos application might give you a few shortcomings such as reduced errors or challenges in the game.

Apart from that, if you are interested and still want to play Epic Conquest 2 with the mod version, then you will find some of the following features:

1. Unlimited Money (Coins / Ruby)

Either coins or rubies, these two purchase items are very important and you need to have, it's just that if given a choice 99 out of 100 players will choose unlimited rubies in this game. Why? Because the ruby ​​item is a premium purchase item and is difficult to find.

Some people are even willing to spend more money to top up games to get these items to buy some skins, weapons and so on in the game. It's just that in the mod version this time what is made unlimited is only coin items, but don't worry if you are really interested and want the unlimited diamond feature, I have the right answer with the features and mod versions below.

2. Unlimited Gold Chest

Gold chests provide several items such as skins, weapons, and even coins with a certain amount. And in return you need to pay with a ruby ​​item, one purchase item, which is called a premium item and is hard to find.

This mod version is perfect for those of you who want to play games with open items for free. And no less interesting than the mod version this time there is also a version that gives you your own satisfaction by playing it.

3. Premium Pass Unlocked

One more reason why you should play Epic Conquest 2 mod, because this game also offers you premium features for free. This means that here you don't have to pay to get a premium pass, this feature also allows you to get more benefits such as exclusive skins and weapons and easier to get purchase items such as coins and rubies.

4. Menu Mod

With this version you can reduce a little bit of pressure from missions and enemy resistance that you can't beat. You can activate the mod if needed and if you find an easy opponent you can disable it. That way you can enjoy the game more comfortably.

5. Weak Enemies

One of the mod menu features makes enemy bots weak and easy to beat, this is a very useful solution for all those who find it very difficult to beat the boss in the game.

6. No Cooldown Skill

Because epic conquest 2 is a knight game and of course you have to fight, then some of the unique skills you have need to be maximized. And usually it takes time to wait for the skills to return to be used after you use them for your enemy.

And because here is the mod version, in the end you don't have to wait because the mod version makes the skill usable any number of times and you don't need to wait for the CD of the skill.

7. Multiple Damage

Generating a large dmg is necessary and important if you are facing a strong opponent, in animated series usually a hero needs to practice and improve his fighting skills with effort. And in the game you need money, items, weapons, levels, and progress to get enough damage to beat your opponents.

Conversely, because you are already in the mod zone, I think you will be a little addicted to the mod version of the menu with multiple dmg generated to defeat your opponent.

8. Multiple Defense

Attacking and defending are two required martial arts and techniques. My karate teacher said a strong defense was attack and I don't think it has anything to do with the game this time. Surviving in epic conquest 2 from monster and boss attacks is important to keep the heroes alive.

And because it's already here at least you can use this multiple defense feature when your life percentage is critical.

Additional Information

Updated: 15 February 2021

Size: 115M

Installs: 500,000+

Current Version: v1.1d

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Content rating: Rated for 12+

Developer: Gaco Games

download~https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i38s40tc1o2li/Epic+Conquest+2size=Size: 116 MB

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