Es Truck Simulator ID Mod Apk V1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)


Want to play a truck simulator game that looks more real? Hurry up and download the Es Truck Simulator ID Mod Apk with the unlimited money feature that you can get.

Keeping yourself entertained is an easy matter if you are a person who doesn't think too hard about the problems you are facing right now. And there are more and more people who end up taking advantage of some activities that can entertain them.

For example playing Android games which are very popular now, I can even say that playing video games on Android is one of the reasons why people are starting to like this device with some amazing things to be had.

There are at least thousands of games with several categories that are very popular now, some of which are games with the simulation genre. For that, through this article, I want to introduce you to one of the games with this genre because I see that there are many people who are interested in playing simulation games, especially with driving gameplay.

Several simulation games such as Bus Simulator Indonesia and several other simulators such as truck games are becoming very popular now and one of them is the Es Truck Smulator ID game with the desired Mod version.

For that, for those of you who want to try this game, you can download it in the playstore for the original version or if you want to play the mod version of Es Truck Simulator Apk, you can find the download link here.

It's just that before directing you there I would like to invite you to read and find out some information related to the following Es Truck Simulator Id.

About Es Truck Simulator ID Mod Apk

There are lots of driving simulation games out there with graphics that look more modern like urban, for example, but why did you choose the Es Truck Simulator ID game below? The answer is because by playing this game you find a simulation game of driving a heavy vehicle (truck) with winding and challenging roads and looks more realistic in real life, especially in Indonesia.

Maybe you have your own passion for experiencing a game like this riding and want to take on a challenge. Especially by hearing the news that the game Es Truck Simulator Id Apk is also available for a mod version with unlimited money features.

Moreover, this game can be said to have a very light size of not up to hundreds of Mb to play it and make the game more compatible with the more Android devices people have. That way they don't need to buy a HP brand with a higher specification just to play it.

This game released by the EsProject developer features more car and character skins for free plus a Mod and Unlimited Money version which gives you a larger amount of money.


By playing this game you get the experience of driving a truck that transports more items such as wood, sand and many more with a Map Map that has been adjusted similar to the original situation in Indonesia.

The first time I saw this game I thought this truck game would later give me the gameplay of traveling through the Ice region because there was the word Ice Truck there, but after I looked carefully, the beginning of the name was the brand of the EsProject developer itself.

With several types of vehicles and livery that the developer has added to make this game even more interesting to play. And for those of you who can't wait to download the Es Truck Simulator ID Mod apk, please see some of the mod links below.

EsTruck Simulator ID Mod Apk Features

By playing this truck simulation game, I am sure there are more features and benefits that can be obtained by playing it. Maybe this is what makes people finally more interested in the mod version of the game.

Apart from all the things that might happen, such as errors that can occur when you play it. For that, the following is information about the mod features of Es Truck Simulator ID.

1. Unlimited Money

Your goal here is to accept tasks by transporting several materials such as wood, sand, stone and several other items. Deliver it to a predetermined destination that way you get more money.

It's just that to collect the money you need time and activity to play games that are longer and more incentives. And not everyone has the opportunity to play the game more often.

That way the mod version of Es Truck Simulator ID is the right answer for you to play with more money to be had. Want more money in this game you can read the tutorial below.

2. Extreme Map

In accordance with the routes and hinterlands in Indonesia, in this game your journey will be more challenging with roads and twists. Even the appearance of the game will look more realistic here.

3. Real Damage

Did your truck hit something or fell to a certain depth? Experience the realistic features of the game with real damage seen in Trucks and Damage Voices. For that, be careful when playing it.

 4. Free Skin Loading

You can get more skins in the game for free by downloading several data files from the game skins. And because you are already on this page you will also find skins with the download links you want.

5. Transport the Cargo

You not only take a walk here but you can also accept assignments or jobs by transporting some materials. And this is what makes the game even more interesting to play

6. Real Control

Vehicle control looks real here, press the gas to move forward and brake to stop. Don't forget to control your steering wheel on the left, turn it in the same direction as you turn and take it slow if you haven't mastered it.

7. Adjust the Camera

The position of the camera is very important here and in the game Es Truck Simulator ID you get several options to capture a more realistic view and it's easier to control your vehicle here.

Additional Information

Updated: 1 February 2021

Size: 66M

Installs: 1,000,000+

Current Version: 1.1.4

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

download~ 66 MB

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