Fishing Hook Mod Apk V2.4.2 (Unlimited Money)


Fishing Hook Mod Apk

Download the latest Fishing Hook Mod Apk here and get a variety of interesting features that you can get such as unlimited money, coins and energy.

Simulation type games are never separated from us in today's modern world. There are lots of games with this type of genre and one of them is the Fishing Hook game. This game is a type of simulation game and I'm sure you already understand how to play it.

As we know fishing is a hobby and a sport that has many psychological benefits for you. Especially in terms of controlling emotions and relieving stress after you work all day at the office or outside the home.

Some of them make this activity a hobby but because of their busy life in the real world, they are no longer able to fish in the real area. Maybe because the land is getting narrower by urban areas or the fish that are dying from the waste.

For this reason, by taking advantage of conditions like this, some game developer developers decided to create and create the latest fishing styles with more modern and practical access and can be done anywhere by playing one of the following fishing hook fishing simulation games.

And according to the topic this time, here you will get a mod version of the fishing hook game so you can enjoy the game more relaxed and items that are easier for you to get in it.

If you are curious, then before directing you to a page where you can download the game. I think you also need to know some information related to the following mod games.

About the Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook (Kail Pancing) is a fishing simulation game, one can play this game on a lighter android device and prioritizes a real experience that you can enjoy in it. This game is arguably quite in demand and has a lot of interest, especially for people who love fishing.

This is evidenced by the achievements obtained with more than 50 million downloads on Playstore proving how popular this game is to play. The game was released for the first time in 2015 by the developer Mobirix.

Realizing how technology is able to take all aspects of the role of life by creating a game simulation with fishing gameplay. Fulfill the dreams of all those who might have no other way of realizing this real fun in a game.

And now you are given a better offer by playing the Fishing Hook game for the modified version offered. And to get this version is not difficult, you can download the Kail Pancing Mod Apk application with the download link that I have prepared for you below.

Fishing Hook Mod Features

Basically playing the game on the original version is the best choice you can make right now if you want a stronger gameplay and challenges. And because you have decided to play a fishing hook with the mod version you get.

Therefore, you are given several advantages by playing the game using this mod version, here are the features:

1. Unlimited Money

No need to worry about losing a lot of money when playing this game. Because basically this game is made with challenges and some features and items are locked for it requires more money and time to unlock.

And you are very lucky to find this mod version of the game with unlimited purchase items. Because this modified version comes with unlimited money until you get really bored and enjoy the results.

2. Unlimited Coins

Coins are another main purchase item in the game and with these coins you can do anything you want. Want to buy better hook or fishing equipment, all can be done with coins.

This game is equipped with an unlimited number of coins. So you don't have to look for money in it and make the game very easy and relaxing.

3. Unlimited Energy

One of the drawbacks that you will get when playing this game is the limited amount of energy and it affects the number of games you can do in it. It takes 10 minutes to recharge and it doesn't sound good enough for those of you who love to play it.

For this reason, in this version, Energy is an item that takes precedence and you can play the fishing hook game for abundant and unlimited energy.

4. Fishing Simulation Game

Choose your fishing location to get a pleasant fishing experience. Collect more fish collections and sell them to get more coins, this game gives you a very good and fun playing experience.

5. Fishing Locations

In Fishing Hook you have many fishing adventures and simulations with various places here. The beach looks real, and gives you the impression of a real experience. This is complemented by the soothing sounds of the waves.

6. Hundreds of Fish

Another interesting thing that you can get from the following game is "Fishing Hook", which is the number of fish characters that can be obtained and each fish sometimes has a different difficulty level.

7. Equipment

Better fishing equipment is needed here, considering that there are several fish with different levels of difficulty than other ordinary fish that are here. Get the newest and exclusive fish for the highest record you can get, for that you have to be able to adjust what you need by upgrading the equipment you have and increasing its abilities.

8. Graphics and Sound

A 3D graphics platform that brings everything to life will make everything look like it is out of the water. The graphics are one of the highlights of this game, you will hardly be able to find in other games.

You can also upgrade to a different setting. With great voices from beach locations, people and everything you can imagine in the ocean. Mobirix is ​​a great developer making all of that come true to you.

Additional Information

Updated: 29 January 2021

Size: 56M

Installs: 50,000,000+

Current Version: 2.4.2

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+

Developer: mobirix

download~ 55 MB

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