Hay Day Mod Apk V1_39_93 (Unlimited Everyting)


Download Hay Day Mod Apk New Version for android to play and get some interesting features such as unlimited everything money, gems, coins and seeds in abundance.

You must know and know this game that has been around for a long time. It was popular in the past, many played this game and became popular at that time. This Hay Day Mod APK game does provide unusual excitement considering its unique way of playing.

Until now, there are actually many people who play it, many who download this game. Not only children, there are also teenagers and adults who don't want to miss this exciting game.

Hay day fun game Mod APK is focused on agriculture. 20 million users play this game working together to build their own version of modern farms. This game includes sophisticated games that are fun to be different from other, simpler games.

Here you will learn something that is very important for a farmer, starting from clearing land, planting, finding fertilizer, harvesting it and processing agricultural produce into several modern products. You can process everything carefully so that it can be useful in the future. You can play this game as long as you want.

Overview of Hay Day Mod APK Android

In addition to offering fun gameplay, this game that focuses on agriculture offers a fun game system that won't bore the players. You can do agricultural activities such as farming, to raising pets.

In this Hay Day Mod APK Android game you can take care of farms and farms every day so they can produce. You can start planting, harvesting and taking care of the farm, then the results can be used for business or to give to pets. There are farms that you can manage, such as rice to produce rice, corn, pumpkin, strawberries, cotton and so on.

Take care of pets by providing the best food available, or by growing produce. Later, you can take this pet product. There are cows that produce quality milk, there are chickens that produce eggs, there are sheep that produce hair for clothes, there are also pigs.

You can sell these crops and farms to several shops in front of the fields. Since this is an online game, you can also visit other players from next to your farm. Compare it to the farm you are working on. There are also missions that you do to level up and get the latest items or other abilities.

But if you use the mod version, you will easily get unlimited money, items or other abilities.

The Latest Hay Day Mod APK gameplay

This fun farming and farming game gives you a few points when you have planted and produced a crop of produce. You can use these points to start other productions. The more often you farm or raise livestock, your abilities will certainly increase. This upgrade will also unlock more interesting features that can be used to get lots of items, new plants and much more.

There are many types of plant seeds that can be sown to increase the collection of plants on your land. There are many pets that you can buy to increase your collection of animals on the farm that you manage. There is a special place in the game where each plant will wither after being harvested three times.

The plants may come back to life after the neighbors do their job of spraying water. If successful, the plant will come back to life and can be used for the next three harvests until the plant can no longer be used because it withers. But you can break the withered plants and get new plants from there.

The livestock process is different again. There are exciting behaviors that might make players laugh because they are funny. Funny behavior comes from farm animals such as pigs, cows, chickens, goats and other animals. There are also non-farm animals that can be used as pets, such as dogs or cats to entertain players in other ways

Buy a house or a special place to live for each farm animal so that they are comfortable. Provide them with proper and regular food to keep them alive and produce livestock products.

Hay Day Mod APK features

To get a lot of features that are more complete. Of course each player must complete the mission by taking care of livestock and caring for plants to be harvested. The results of the harvest will be accumulated to build a bigger farming area.

This of course will take a lot of time, unfinished work and of course more focus. But calm down, there are shortcuts you can take so that you can bring this fun faster.

Choose a game with the Hay Day Mod APK version to get unlimited features of the farming game. With this version, you are very likely to unlock many features that are still locked. There are also many other bonuses that you can get such as

1. Unlimited Seeds

Hay day Mod APK will give you unlimited seeds, you can use it continuously but in good and good condition. This will be more fun considering you later so you can maximize the processing.

The seeds are unlimited but they need you to take care of them, not because the seeds will wither. But if there are seeds, you don't water or care for them properly, so it's not fun playing the game later

2. Lots of customization

When in normal mode, lack of seeds to plant cannot generate much money to build your farm even better. The money is needed to buy supporting buildings for agriculture and livestock

After all the buildings you can buy easily, you just have to formulate a strategy, where will you take your farm and farm. It should be more profitable and fun. The thing is you can often play with vegetables in many agricultural fields

Or check the quality of sheep and cattle at various farm houses. Think of it as a very rich farm boss. There are times when you have to pay a visit to one of the ranch or farm houses to ensure good quality.

3. Build a big farm town

You can use a lot of money and use it to expand farmland and also this farm to build houses for residents who will take care of agriculture and livestock. You can also build a school for farm children, or a hospital to care for farmers and their families when they are sick

Maybe you also have to build other facilities related to social life with the community. With a lot of money, you can build a large city and based on agriculture. Green the area with lots of agricultural land. Keep residents healthy by frequently providing them with useful livestock products.

Build a decent place to live in, make the area your entertainment when you are bored with a series of jobs in the real world that often make you tired.

4. Unlimited Money

As the name implies, Hay Day Unlimited Money will give you unlimited money. You can use the money to buy many items or buildings to develop the city even cooler.

5. Unlimited Gems

Want to enjoy the game more according to your own wishes. Basically every plant will grow in a certain time as well as some development, you need gems to shorten the time. And this item is limited if you use non mod features.

But because you use the MOD feature, you will grow plants faster. Because the unlimited diamond feature in this Mod version can be used to speed up planting time.

At first glance it looks like no fun, nothing is done easily, plant quickly and easily. However, back to you. If you feel that this feature will make the game uncomfortable, then you don't need to use it. But if you have a special mission to develop the city in a fast way. Then this feature can help

6. Unlimited Coins

In addition to gems in this game, you also receive several other purchase items, namely Coins. Unlike the gems, this item is easier to get, only I generally need more coins to buy some items.

For this reason, many players finally choose to try to play this game on its modified version and hope to get an unlimited number of coins.

7. Unlimited Everything

With an abundance of coins, gems and seeds, almost everything you can do is called unlimited everything. Finally you find a mod that really works and makes you the best farmer in the game.

8. Graphics and Sound

This game is perfect for those of you who are very busy and don't have enough time left to have fun by seeing how beautiful nature makes you feel a little calmer and reduce stress.

It is equipped with pretty slick and beautiful graphics with some lovely fantasy designs.

Additional Information

Updated: 29 January 2021

Size: 136M

Installs: 100,000,000+

Current Version: 1_39_93

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+

Developer: Supercell

download~https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9ohncho371hkj/Hay+Daysize=Size: 47 MB

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