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Hide Online Mod Apk

Download the Latest Hide Online Mod Apk for Android with features No Ads, Unlimited Ammo, Money, Coins and also a reliable Mod Menu. Make sure this mod works well on your cellphone.

You may still remember the traditional game of Hide and Seek, which at this time you will rarely find children playing these games, especially for urban areas.

It is undeniable that the development of the times makes a lot of difference, including the way a person lives, whether it's the way they communicate, look or also entertain themselves when they are bored and what he should do here.

Therefore, through this article maybe you can take advantage of these technological advances as a way to remember or play the Hide and Seek simulation game itself through your Phone screen which is certainly more practical to play and also safe.

Hide Online - Hunter Vs Props Mod Apk is a game application that packs a fun experience and allows you to play like hide and seek in a more modern era.

You can play this game on Android, IOS, Tablet, or PC if you need a bigger screen and easier game controls. But I think this game is more suitable when played on a mobile device such as Android, for example, because the controls used are not too many and complicated.

For those of you who are curious to download the Hide Online Mod Apk application, then I think you are on the right page. Here, besides getting the download link, you will also get some important information related to the game modification that you are currently looking for, here is a review just for you.

About Hide Online

You may be bored with games with the colors of MMORPG, Moba, Batle Royale and the like which are currently very iconic in some Indonesian gamer community.

And want to try a new experience by playing the game Nostalgia (Hide and Seek) which used to be possible when you were a kid playing the game a lot. Traditional and childhood games do have their own colors when playing them.

Maybe because we can directly touch or come face to face with friends, this is what makes us feel happier and makes this game always an unforgettable memory.

Even as an adult, I was very sad when I saw children today who are more familiar with Modern Games and are almost unfamiliar with the game of Hide and Seek which is actually a very challenging game and also interesting to play.

Then comes this Hide Online Mod Apk which allows you to experience an action arcade simulation game of playing hide and seek, where you can become two different characters, namely Props (The Hiding Person) and Hunter (The Person Who Must Find You).

Packed with a more complex programming and game discussion. I think this is perfect for those of you who want to feel how to be people who have to hide or people who have to find / find the current experience of playing that you cannot get in your current era.

Even so by playing this game you also get a safer playing experience because there is no risk such as falls or other events maybe when you run and so on.

Hide Online game was released for the first time on March 19, 2018 by HitRock Games. And being one of the very popular games is evidenced by the total downloads of 50 million downloads and 1 million reviews.

This proves that there are more people in this world who really miss this almost abandoned game.


Like the game Hide and Seek in this game, later you can become two different and randomly opposite characters, whether it's a Hunter or a Props.

When you become a Hunter character, the main task you have to do is find the props character who is in disguise and shoot at the character and prevent the character from being in the Blue Zone or Safe Zone.

Avoid direct approach with the Props because this can make you stuck with their trickery, shoot and use your bombs to knock out all the props characters in it to calm this game.

Apart from being a hunter character at any time you can also swap characters with your opponents to become character props, your job here is to hide until the next time you hit the Blue zone which is your victory.

This game is an Online Multiplayer game that you can play together with your friends, because in fact a game like this will be more fun when played with your peers.

Hide Online Mod Apk Features

Actually Hide Online itself is already available on the Playstore platform page or Appstore for IOS, but because what you are looking for is a Mod version or you could say a modified version of the cheat, you can't possibly find this application on Playstore.

Hide Online Mod Apk itself, has features that make it easier for you to cheat and control the game because there are several scripts that have been intentionally changed or added to make the playing experience easier.

The following below is information about the features that you can get by playing the game.

1. Simple Interface

Comes with a more practical and simple playing experience, previously you could only play this game on a computer device, but considering that the current technological developments are very significant, especially in mobile device technology, these developers launch applications that can be played on these mobile devices.

Hide Online - Hunter Vs Props is packed with a very mobile interface and uncomplicated game controls. You can also find the Tutorial feature in the game to better understand how to calm the game when you are new to this game.

2. New Events and Characters

Making this game more interesting is the task of a game creator, how does he create events, new things that make the players not bored with the same challenges.

Interestingly, after trying to play this game, it turns out that the developer, in this case the game developer team. Always make challenges and also some new events or tasks every week or every few months.

Where it is known that currently there has also been a Halloween event which allows you to find a map with a Halloween theme as a way to commemorate that day. Not only that, there are still many other tasks that allow you to get benefits in the form of item prizes when you successfully complete them.

3. Simple Game Packed With Modern Technology

Who would have thought that this game, which is actually a simple game and relies on instinct, can be played more easily on the mobile device that you are currently using.

This certainly makes you more entertained, because the game path is not too complicated and you can play it wherever and whenever you want to play it.

4. Multiplayer

Games with Hide and Seek Experience will actually be more fun if they can be played in a crowd, maybe you can be with your peers, relatives or even your family who are missing the moment when they can still have fun with this type of game.

And the plus point with this game is that you can invite your friends who want to play this game too, whether it's by making them become friends or opponents. Compete with all players around the world and win every match.

5. Unlimited Money (Coins)

Getting coins in this game can be said to be easy, because the number of items that must be purchased, ultimately you need more coins that can be used to achieve this desire. Some people don't even hesitate to top up the game.

And basically the unlimited coins mod is very risky, it's also hard to come by, considering that this is a mod game that has been modified and instead you are treated to several other unlimited features.

6. Unlimited Ammo

Bullets here are so important why? Because without bullets you will never win the battle, the results of defeat will always come to you. As a solution to this problem you can use the mod version that I have prepared for you above with various advantages that can be obtained.

7. Free Battle Pass

Basically the battle pass is a paid item so you need to top up before you can finally get the benefits. And because this mod version offers you the battle pass for free, you can finally avoid using unnecessary money.

8. Unlock All Items

You can get almost all the items by playing hide online mod apk, it's just that in the future you may need to play seriously to get all the items you want with a little hard work.

9. Unlimited Ability

Your ability here is increased to the maximum level, it's just that sometimes because the gameplay in this game is too easy, you finally decide to try to disable this feature and try to play normally.

10. Other Menu Mods

At least some of the mod information above is part of the menu features provided to you, make sure this game works well and makes the playing experience more enjoyable here with your friends against your later opponents.

11. Anti Banned

There is it is possible that this mod will not work because we all know that this game is an online competitive game and cheating if you do cheat actions in the game, for that my tip is to play games with cheat mode and not too often.

12. No Ads

There are no advertisements in the mod version this time, you can disable it by opening a menu that hovers on your screen. Make sure you allow these notifications to remain visible so you can play them in your own style and desire.

13. God Mode

Activating god mode makes you immune to death with this you don't have to worry about death and so on that will make you lose in this game later.

Additional Information

Updated: 16 December 2020

Size: 49M

Installs: 50,000,000+

Current Version: 4.5.0

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Rated for 7+

Developer: HitRock Games

Source Information: https://javasiana.com/hide-online-mod-apk/

download~https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tkw0qqihv1pw7/Hide+Onlinesize=Size: 50 MB

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