Hungry Dragon Mod Apk V3.8 (Unlimited Money)


Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Download the new version of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk here and get the unlimited money, coins and gems in it that you will never get in the original version.

Dragon game makes you remember how the action and adventure film shines, it is about a strong predator who spits fire from his mouth and shoots at his opponent to destroy his territory.

Here you are together to play the Mod version of the Hungry Dragon game with some of the fun experiences you can get. It is about a dragon that is hungry and acts as a ferocious predator.

Destroying villages and destroying lives by eating whatever he can eat in them. This game allows you to experience how to become a wild and hungry dragon who dominates and haunts all living things there.

Your job here is to eat and get more money to collect, what is the money for? The money serves as a way for you to buy some purchase items at the shop and buy the strong dragons out there.

And you are very lucky because from this Hungry Dragon Mod you get unlimited money including coins and gems. For that you can play this game in a more fun way. Now are you curious and trying to play this game for the mod version offered? Before that, you may need to know the information below.

About Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon (Hungry Dragon) is a dragon game where you play a hungry dragon that is cruel and ferocious to prey on whatever is in front of it. And sure enough, before this you may have heard of a similar game, namely Hungry Shark Evolution.

Where if you pay attention to the gameplay of both of them have almost the same similarities, it's just that the characters played are different. Where in the hungry shark you play a hungry shark and enjoy the game as a wild hunter in the sea.

Meanwhile, the hungry dragon plays an important role in controlling a strong dragon. Eat and get more coins and gems as a step to get a dragon that is much stronger than the previous dragon character.

Because here you are given an offer by playing the game hungry dragon for the mod version of the game, then you don't need to work harder to get the coins and gems that exist. This game makes you experience a game that is more fun than the original version.

Intrigued and increasingly interested in the gameplay of the following hungry dragon mod, then you can play the hungry dragon mod game with the download link that I have provided below.

Hungry Dragon Mod Features

Basically playing the game on the original version is the best choice you can make right now if you want a stronger gameplay and challenges. And because you have decided to play the hungry dragon with the mod version you get.

Therefore you are given several advantages by playing the game using this mod version, here are the features:

1. Unlimited Money

When you open a game for the first time, you generally are given some drawbacks in it such as a little money as you start playing it. And it seems that it annoys you because you have to wait a long time to get money in the game.

For that this version of the hungry dragon mod offers you the best offers and features it has with the benefits of unlimited money (unlimited money) generated.

2. Unlimited Coins

Coins are one of the first game purchase items that are often used and used to buy items in the shop or upgrade the dragons needed to increase stamina, skills and so on.

Purchase items in this game are easy to get, even though it takes a long time to open and play them. And for that you are lucky because by playing this mod game, you don't need to do hard work to get more coins.

Because this modified version is equipped with a large amount of money and it won't be until you finish the story in the game.

3. Unlimited Gems

There are at least two game purchase items that you need here, and from these two items gems are very difficult to obtain. Even some people are willing to buy this item by top up the game and spend more of your money just to play the game.

Answering this problem you can play a hungry dragon for the mod version that is offered so that you can get an unlimited amount of gems.

4. All Dragon Unlock

One of the reasons that makes you want to play this mod game and get more money and convenience is because some dragon characters in it may be difficult for you to get.

And it's true that it even takes quite a long time to get it. Now you are lucky because you are offered mod money with unlimited money that way and you can play a hungry dragon with a complete and cool dragon collection.

5. All Pet Unlock

Bringing dragon pets into hunts will give you better skills. To get a pet you need to open an egg with the gems you have.

That way, this mod version of gems is needed so that you can get the pet you want more easily and practically.

6. All Dragon Skins Unlocked

Another interesting thing that you can get from the following hungry dragon is a skin feature that allows you to see your dragon look more creepy and cool by wearing the latest and more expensive skins.

7. Challenges

Overcoming obstacles along the way is a challenge that you have to overcome and this is what makes this game interesting to play. You can use the special skills you have in some cases.

When your fire level is full, you can breathe fire and destroy dangerous enemies. You can equip the bar with special services or try redcurrants. Mega Firestorm automatically activates after you complete 8 firestorms. With this skill, you can kill any animal.

In this game too, there are some things that you should avoid when the dragon is not ideal size / not big enough to fight. Witches, soldiers and other dragons who can attack you at any time and dry up their lives.

If you are exposed or eaten with poison, you may be injured, cursed, or hypnotized. There is a big yellow mine that you must avoid. If touched it will explode and injure you.

8. Graphics and Sound

Hungry Dragon attracts players with beautiful 3D graphics quality. this game brings more interesting places and things to see in fantasy world such as kingdoms, stars, sky, waterfalls and so on.

You can also upgrade to a different setting. The dragon fire screams and the cries of the people, the beasts were very impressive. Ubisoft also applies to adding new dragons and new items in the next update.

Additional Information

Updated: 8 February 2021

Size: 124M

Installs: 10,000,000+

Current Version: 3.8

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Content rating: Rated for 12+

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

download~ 123 MB

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