Idle Arks: Build At Sea Mod Apk V2.1.9 (Unlimited Money)


Download the Latest Idle Arks: Build At Sea Mod Apk and get Unlimited Money and Resources features such as Wood, Gold Pot, Bottle and Diamond so you can complete in-game missions faster.

You may already be familiar with the Minecraft Game, a cubic building simulation game that actually has very many fans, both local and non-local gamers. Not wanting to be outdone by this game, some game developers are trying their luck by making a type of simulation game that is practically similar to Mahjong's Minecraft Game.

This game is Idle Arks: Build At Sea. By playing this game, you may find a different playing experience from the next game where for this game it takes a few tricks to complete each stage of the mission in the game. Besides that, it took a long time to build the area to completion.

This is also influenced by limited resources where to get the resource itself you have to look for it in the ocean area. Not on land where you might easily find it.

This may look quite tiring for some people, especially for those who are impatient. For that, through this article I will share the download link for the Idle Arks Mod Apk application which you can download via the link below. But before that let's get to know more about this game.

About Idle Arks: Build At Sea

Idle Arks: Build At Sea is a simulation game to assemble a territory in the form of a wooden raft, you will get the experience of playing in an infinite flood area. This game can be said to have a little resemblance when compared to the Minecraft Game, especially in the shape of the characters and buildings that are very distinctive with Cubic shapes.

The game offered by BHome Game Developer then received a very good response, especially by gamers who have an attachment to Minecraft games and unique building simulations.

There are several missions in it where you have to maximize the use of time, resources (wood) and tricks to assemble a good boat so you can pass each level of the game faster.


Starting from a very large flash flood, where it hit a city that at that time did not expect an event that would happen to them, humans and Cubic animals. For that, your mission here is to make a boat that can save these Humans and Cubic animals who are trapped in an area where they cannot escape from the area because there is still flooding around it.

Gather Wood and build bigger boats to give to more people who might need this boat raft to save their family members. At each level and territorial stage you may get help from some new characters such as Cubic People or also animals that can help you complete these buildings faster.

Catch each stage of the game faster with collecting and building tricks, and Save more people in it.

Idle Arks Feature: Build At Sea

By installing this game on your smartphone, I make sure you will get a new, more exciting experience by playing it. Below are some of the main features that you can get by downloading the application.

1. No need for internet connection

Some people may prefer to play games with no internet connection at all. Because in addition to this, to save quota, you can generally play this game anywhere and anytime. It doesn't matter whether your connection is in good condition or error.

2. One Hand Game

Playing games with one hand that works, this might make you more comfortable when in an activity that requires you to take care of other activities.

But back again here are the advanced 3D game play: swipe to switch viewpoints at will, Settings. Different weather background settings: snowy day / night thunder, unexpected lightning and sunny days.

3. Auto Wake

When you get a Complete resource, then these workers will do the construction automatically and faster. This makes you not have to monitor your territorial development all the time.

4. Over 100 Free Building Materials and Locations to unlock

Finding materials or resources to build a boat is the goal of this game, you don't have to pay for these materials because you can get these materials for free in the flooded area that you are currently occupying.

But to get this material you have to look for it and it's not as easy as you think. For that I have provided a mod version that can give you some access like this.

5. Unlimited Resources (Wood, Bottles and Treasure Chests)

No need to worry about the resources or building materials you need, because in the modified version these resources are unlimited and will continue to increase every time.

6. Get Unlimited Free Diamonds

Completing missions with unlimited resources will make it easier, watch the ad and complete your mission to get more diamonds.

7. Easier Unlock All Character (Skin)

To get new Cubic human and animal characters, then you must be able to complete this mission as soon as possible. Therefore, with the help of this Idle Arks Mod Apk, you can easily complete the boat you assembled and save more people to get the newest character collection.

8. Unlimited Money

It's not easy to get a mod version with unlimited money benefits or free purchases, some gems sometimes have high enough security and make it difficult to provide access to the following mod money. And you are very lucky because you can download idle arks with the mod money feature that is presented.

Additional Information

Updated: 29 January 2021

Size: 114M

Installs: 10,000,000+

Current Version: 2.1.9

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+

Developer: BHome

download~ 95 MB

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