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Instander Apk

Download the new version of instander apk (Instagram mod) and get a variety of interesting features that you can't get in the original version. Are you curious! Continue reading this article, bro.

Currently there are lots of applications out there that provide you with social media services and connect with millions of people around the world and one of the most popular applications for now is Instagram. In Indonesia, the platforms are one of the best with millions of users.

Even some people use it to promote the products and businesses they manage there online. There are lots of benefits that you can get by using Instagram apart from getting friends and a broader insight you can also make money from there.

It's just that according to some people there are some shortcomings of Instagram, some features were asked by many users to add here. It's just that until now this feature was not released so that it made many people disappointed in the end. Answering this, there is a right solution that you can do and one of them is to install the mod version of Instagram that I provide here.

And people often refer to this version of Instagram as apk installer, if you are interested and want to download the application. So before directing you there I want to give you a little information about the installer that you don't know about. Curious? See the information you need below.

About Instander

Instander is a social media application that you can use on Android and can be downloaded for free. This application is another version of Instagram with some improvements and additional features that have been requested a lot by friends who use the original version of Instagram.

By using this application you will stay connected with more people with the same account which is linked on your original Instagram account. It's just that there will be some features that you don't recognize here and some of these features are added deliberately to improve the best experience you can get.

Instander is a mod version of Instagram released by the developer the here they try to cover the shortcomings of the original version and give you some of the best features that will always be updated when you get some problems or bugs are found. Regarding the security of this application itself, until now no one has stated that this application uses data for the personal benefit of several people.

Regardless of all that no one can be sure whether this application will be truly safe in the future. But you don't need to worry about the strong determination of the developer the dise to try various ways to increase the security side of Instagram mods and guarantee that there will be updates that are continuously updated every month or year if needed.

If you are interested and want to try this installer yourself, I think you are on the right page because through this article you will also find several download links that direct you to the page where you can download the application.

Instander (Instagram Mod) Features

By using a mod application, at least you will receive several advantages, especially in some features that you cannot get for the original version. It's just that sometimes not all mods work well. If you think this application also doesn't work then you should try it yourself and see if this application works properly or not.

And because here I have confirmed for myself whether this apk installer can actually work, finally you will be curious about the features that you can get by installing it, some people need this information before finally downloading it, for that, here are its features:

1. Downloader

The original Instagram version that you usually use does not provide this feature for the sake of protecting some of the content posted by its users, and if you impose your will you have to visit several sites that can confirm the content then you can download it.

It's just that this method seems to waste a lot of time and effort, there are other solutions you can do if you want to download some content on Instagram and one of them is to install the apk instader.

2. Remove Instagram Ads

There is nothing wrong with seeing advertisements installed in a free application, it's just that some users may be annoyed and don't want to see some ads that they think are inappropriate to display. For that, the solution that you can do for now is to use the Instagram mod that I offer here.

3. HQ Media

Upload photos, videos and some of your story content with the best quality that you can post here and get more fans to increase your current popularity. You can also control the quality of the content you want to see in the settings options.

4. Ghost Mode

You will never get this feature by installing the original version of Instagram, even though some people really want this feature and eliminate tracking that may be seen by the account owner when you view stories, read status and posts when you are typing in someone's DM.

And the good news is by using the installer you are given access to activate this feature with one click. You can activate it via the settings option and select the ghost mode menu (Ghost mode).

5. Save the IGTV Video

Some of the content that you see on the IGTV channel sometimes interests you to save the video on your device so that it can be played offline at any time. And the good news is that you can do this on the installer version.

6. Security

Regarding account security, I think this application is quite promising. Usually if we use the mod version in a game there is a possibility that the account will be banned. But for the installer version I think this application really takes care of security and performs its function properly.

So, you don't need to hesitate anymore with this installer application, it's just that you might need to be careful with scams that occur when using Instagram for social media.

7. Save Data

You may realize that one of the applications that take up a lot of your internet quota at this time for social media applications is Instagram. Not without reason, the content in the application is sometimes very large, plus some videos will automatically play when you see them.

This makes many people end up losing more quota, for that a solution that you can do to overcome the wasteful quota you have, you can download the installer and disable the auto play feature so that the video content will not play before you click the video link.

8. Others

There are lots of features that you can get on installer, some of which I have mentioned above. If you are still curious about the Instagram mod application that is offered, you can see and try this application yourself by downloading and installing the application according to the guide I have given you before.

download~ 50 MB

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