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Magica Io Mod Apk

Download the Latest Magica Io Mod Apk here with various interesting mod features that really work like unlimited money, for example.

Survival Action Games have become very popular recently, Maybe you have played several games with the same game series where in one area you will fight and fight with all your opponents until you end up leaving only one player in the game.

The same thing will be obtained if you play the Magica Io Mod Apk Game, of course, with the experience of survival along with cute characters like cartoon characters that are usually played and the best thing about this game is that you are given several mod offers with features that will benefit you.

What features can you get if you download the application and play this game on your cellphone? You will soon find the answer to this question by reading some of the information below or by downloading the application and proving whether this application really works or not on your cellphone.

After that you will find the download link for the application you are looking for complete with some other details that show how this mod will work when you play the first game.

About Magica Io

Magic Io is a video game game with a survival experience by fighting in the Battle Royale area with the magic power (Magic) that you have. If you really like watching movies or animations with the magic genre I think this game will make you addicted by playing it.

The game released by Casual Azur Games developer in October 2020 has now been downloaded by more than millions of people from all over the world. This proves that this game has the quality and gameplay that today's players are looking for.

Bored with the shooting Battle Royale or Moba gameplay, they finally decided to play this game, of course, with funnier gameplay with unique characters from the animated series that are not boring.

Coupled with the Mod features that I offer to you in the Magica io game, it adds to your moment of being able to have fun and ignore some of the difficulties that exist in the game such as items or characters that are difficult to find.

Furthermore, if you are interested and want to immediately play this game, especially with the mod offer, below you will quickly find a download link for an application that really works with a complete guide so that the mod can work properly.

Magica Io Mod Apk Features

A game with Battle Royale experience for fighting wizards and proving who is stronger here, I think this time Magica Io is the right recommendation if you feel bored with the games you are playing on your cellphone right now.

Especially with the mod features offered and really work, I'm sure you will find various benefits by downloading it. Curious about what features are meant? The information is only for you below.

1. Unlimited Money

Game mods tend to prioritize excitement with the things you can get in the game even when you play the game for the first time.

Generally it can take months or even years until you have all the things you need for the features and everything in the game to open and in the game money is the fastest unlock key.

You are lucky by finding the right Magica Io Mod Apk download link with its main offer, which is unlimited money.

2. Unlimited Coins

If you play this game, there are two purchase items that are really needed, the first is coins and with an unlimited number of coins you can even buy any item in the game.

3. Unlimited Gems

You could say that gems purchasing items are the target of players because of the very limited items and to get these items even people who are very comfortable in this game are willing to spend more of their money to top up the game.

So what about players who don't have the same opportunity? Don't worry if you want to play a game with unlimited gems, just download the Magica Io Mod Apk with the download link that I provided above there.

4. Unlock All Heroes

By downloading the mod version you finally have the freedom, one of which is in terms of purchasing so that all the characters in the game, be it exclusive characters, are hard to find even though you can buy them in this mod game.

5. Unlock the Chest

To find the chest you want to open, please go to the Shop menu and there you will find a chest box that gives you all the ingredients to activate the most powerful character in the game.

And you are very lucky because with this mod version, the chest can be opened without any restrictions so that you can get all the resources needed to make the character have better skills than other players.

6. All Equipment Unlocked

Equpiment is very important in battle because with you having equipment that is strong enough and your hero needs in the game, of course it will increase some abilities and make the hero can be controlled more smoothly.

7. Offline Mode

This game can be played in two modes, the first is Offline mode where players will find enemies that match the level of play based on the level and difficulty level that is set.

With this game you don't need to activate internet data or look for a better internet connection so that the game runs more smoothly, it's just that you need a better memory to keep your cellphone beside you so that when you get bored this game can entertain you,

8. Online Mode

Already feeling good and can defeat enemies with extraordinary difficulty levels? Next try with online game challenges where you will fight with people from all over the world.

Additional Information

Updated: 15 February 2021

Size: 81M

Installs: 1,000,000+

Current Version: 1.3.15

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Content rating: Rated for 7+


Get In: Google Playstore

download~ 81 MB

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