My Cafe Restaurant Game Mod Apk V2021.2.3 9 (Unlimited Money, Menu)


My Cafe Restaurant Game Mod Apk

Download the Latest Version of My Cafe Mod Apk for Android here and get unlimited money features such as coins and gems and several other mods that really work.

Currently, there are many things you can get by playing games ranging from fun gameplay to challenges that make you addicted to playing it. And this time I will recommend a game with a relaxed genre because here I think people might start to like it.

And the game I offer you this time is My Cafe Recipes & Stories Apk with several advantages offered from the Mod version that you can download on this page. Hearing the word cafe, I think you've realized what will happen to you guys playing it.

And it is true that due to social restriction policies in several regions and countries, including in Indonesia, finally there are many people who lose their fun by gathering, working, studying or talking about some things with your friends at the cafe you usually visit.

Some people may put up with this but not everyone has the same thoughts and finally find the answer to their boredom by trying to play some simulation games like My Cafe that I am offering you right now.

Not just an ordinary My Cafe, but My Cafe which is already in Mod and gives you a little advantage by playing it. Are you curious about what you can get by playing this game? Let's look at some of the following information before you finally find the download link for the application.

About My Cafe

My Cafe game gives you an idea of ​​how a coffee shop owner or cafe works by managing this place from the ground up until finally there are many people who come to your cafe. In rural areas, the cafe may be better known as Warung or Warkop (Warung Kopi).

And well most of the cafe visitors use it to chat with friends, spouses, or even for their work. And because of the pandemic finally there are more online meetings possible by making use of Meeting apps like Google Meet.

And that's why they finally missed the atmosphere in the cafe and tried to feel the atmosphere again in a different way, one of which is by playing the following My Cafe game. The game released by the developer Melsoft Games is arguably quite famous, this is evidenced by the total downloads which currently reach a total of 50 million downloads with hundreds of thousands of positive feedbacks.

It's just that because there are some people who don't want to wait any longer by playing this one game, they finally try to download the mod version hoping that there are some features that increase the speed of their gameplay and development in the game by playing it.

For that I consider you lucky because through this article I will recommend you a little with some modded versions that really work and allow you to have fun in the game.

Intrigued by the gameplay of My Cafe Mod Apk? Hurry up and download the application with some download links that I have included especially for those of you who have taken the time to come to this article.

My Cafe Mod Apk Features

There are many things that you can get by playing mod games but that doesn't eliminate the possibility of getting banned which could happen considering that this game uses an internet connection so it is more sensitive to suspension because it is certain that the game mods offered give you convenience and unusual elements.

If you ignore this I think you can play this game on a trial account and try to enjoy it. That way you can get the following mod features.

1. Unlimited Money

There are thousands of people out there who play the My Cafe game, it's just that there are a number of desires they want to get by playing it, one of which is the desire to make money in this game unlimited (Unlimited Money).

That way they can progress much faster than other players who work normally on the original version they got from Playstore. And in My Cafe Mod you get it with purchases that don't reduce the amount of money you have.

2. Unlimited Coins

Coins are the main purchase item and the easiest to get, it's just that you need more coins to open a bigger cafe. That way My Cafe Mod Apk gives you what you want in this game with coins that don't decrease when you use it.

3. Unlimited Gems

This item is the only item to buy that is difficult to get. Some people even spend more money to top up the game to get more item gems that can be used. And for that I think the mod version here can be a solution for those of you who feel that this is the right solution if you want to accelerate the development of your cafe in the game.

4. Exciting Simulation Game

Players will play the role of a girl named Ann on a journey to make her dream come true. He has the goal of owning a well-known coffee shop chain in the city. Even though she knew it wouldn't be easy, the girl decided to start making her dream come true.

Everything starts from the bottom and in time there will be happiness for the achievements made in this game. Fulfill some people's dreams in the game and make it even more real this is a real simulation game.

5. Get Customer Satisfaction

Players own a cafe, so they have to serve multiple customers to make money from them. Every time a customer walks into a player's bar, they will order a drink, and you will be their waiter.

The player needs to create what the customer asks for the money from the customer and the satisfaction from it. That way there will be more customers who come and enjoy coffee at your cafe.

6. Build a Bigger Cafe

Apart from serving customers, players also need to perform other tasks, namely expanding the cafe size. When a player is just starting out, you only have a small cafe but get all the things needed to build it bigger.

This is what is called a business trip, make your cafe busy, earn more money and build a cafe with an original beautiful shop design to attract customers.

7. Graphics and Sound

With 3D graphics and satisfying customer voices, you will experience what is called a real illusion by playing this My Cafe game. With some pretty characters and animation that goes really well. Please enjoy the game and have fun!

8. Menu Mod

The other mod that works here is the mod version which offers you some mod settings which we also call the Mod Menu so that there are several functions that you can use, such as leveling up quickly and moving the servants faster.

Additional Information

Updated: 3 February 2021

Size: 200 M

Installs: 50,000,000+

Current Version: 2021.2.3

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Rated for 12+

Developer: Melsoft Games Ltd

download~ 200 MB

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