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My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk

Download the Latest My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk For Android and Get Attractive Mod Features That Work Like Premium Choices.

Japanese animation is a trending topic in the world because it provides entertainment with animated videos and various stories that amaze many people. In Indonesia, anime is the most sought-after category, including in terms of video games.

For those of you who really like the animation genre and want to download several game categories, I think you can download the My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk Game with several benefits that you can get.

As usual, because you are already here, I am sure that what you are looking for in the game is the Mod feature where by playing this version, you have several advantages that other players don't get in the original version that they download on Playstore or some other source.

And before I give you access to the download link that directs you to a page where you can download the application, I'm sure the following information will really help you understand the game and some of the characters in it.

About My Sweet Stalker

My Sweet Stalker from Genius Studio Japan Inc is a series of dating simulation games made to fulfill your dreams that may be difficult to open up and have a boyfriend.

You can also think of this game as a game made to fulfill the desires of those who prefer to think of animation as a friend in their fantasy world. Currently, there are many types of games to fulfill your entertainment needs with an experience similar to My Sweet Stalker.

It's just that the most recent and may have a storyline that you have never met in this game is My Sweet Stalker, especially with the Mod Apk offering which gives you more benefits by playing the game.

Some things such as features and shortcomings that make players uncomfortable have been changed and make the My Sweet Stalker game more fun. Here you don't take the direct role as the main character but you will experience an unexpected story like reading a novel in a game.


In this game, you will find many stories and an unreal experience of being a male character with 3 women. Here, you take the role of a computer expert student.

In addition, you have a secret that you are a member of a secret online advice network. One day, you accidentally offer the wrong girl advice. Once you block it online, things get really hard to solve.

Somehow the Stalker finds out your identity and does whatever it takes to stalk you. Will you be able to protect yourself, your friends or will this mysterious girl do something to your heart?

You will get all the answers immediately by playing the game, for that below you can see the download link for the My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk application complete with a few other details for the mod to work.

My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk Features

By downloading this application, what do you think you can get? Some of the information below will explain to you why there are thousands of people out there who prefer to play the My Sweet Stalker game with a Mod Apk version that actually works.

If you are finally curious and want to know more about what can be obtained by playing this game, the following information is just for you.

1. Free Premium Choice

By downloading the My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk application, you get the opportunity to become one of the players who can take advantage of several premium features and options for free.

2. No Ads

Ads are of course a big problem if you are playing a game where it requires a good enough concentration so that the story in the game is quickly resolved, and that's why in the Game My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk the ads have been removed.

3. Story For You

In this game, you will not move as a free character because it carries a dating sim game like reading a Novel or Animated Comic, only you can choose what you will do in certain circumstances.

Finally, choices will lead to endings that you may or may not like. But whatever the end is, you will definitely end up with one of the 3 beautiful girls in the game.

4. Story Three Beautiful Girls

Here, you will meet 3 beautiful girls at once and all of them are beautiful with their own strengths. These girls are Mei, Shiki and Tatsumi. The story begins with the first Gadir namely Mei where he is a close childhood friend with you.

He knows that you are part of an anonymous online advice network but he vows to keep your secrets. But now since that incident, he seems to be the target of a stalker who wants to find out information about you.

Then, there is the quiet girl Shiki in the library. He's also a member of your computer club and he likes you. He was also the target of a stalker. What are you going to do next in this situation?

Lastly, there is Tatsumi's sister Shiki and here she acts as a beautiful investigator and is investigating who the stalker is here.

As the story goes deeper you will slowly find out that she is digging deeper into this stalker than you thought.

And the story will end with who will be closer to your heart?

5. Graphics and Visualization

By playing the My Sweet Stalker game you will see how the graphics are very well made and look very entertaining, with beautiful visualization of anime characters you will enjoy every part of the story that is taken in this game.


By looking at the information I shared above, I think some people may still have some questions from the My Sweet Stalker game that I share here and as a writer I realize that there may be some shortcomings that I have.

There may be some information that is not conveyed well or the language style is not suitable. Finally, here I am writing a list of questions that you might need to know about My Sweet Stalker Mod Apk.

1. Does this app work?

Until now, there are no reports that say if the application offered does not work or there are some errors that occur. And also because the application that I offer to you has been tested before and confirmed that this application works.

It's just that this doesn't eliminate the possibility that there could be at any time where this app might not work in the future. For that you may need to realize how important it is to update the mod application and if you have trouble you can visit this page again to check for other mod updates.

1. Android Minimum Specifications?

Because fr legends is a light game and very suitable for middle-class android users, in more detail you can play this game with a minimum of Android 4.1 and 1 Gb of Ram. That way you will have the best experience.

3. Is this application Free?

Yes, it's free and you can get more features.

4. Ask Questions?

Any questions or complaints please comment.

Additional Infprmation

Updated: 13 February 2021

Size: 74M

Installs: 50,000+

Current Version: 2.0.17

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 12+

Developer: Genius Studio Japan Inc

download~ 51 MB

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