Ojol The Game Mod Apk V1.1.4 (Unlimited Money)


Ojol The Game Mod Apk

Want to know how it feels to be an online motorcycle taxi? Hurry up and download the latest Ojol The Game Mod Apk and feel the experience of being an online motorcycle taxi with several features such as unlimited money.

Want to go to the mall, supermarket, school or office where you work but don't want to drive? There is a neat solution for those of you who might be lazy, can't drive or are afraid of getting a ticket because you don't have a sim, namely by riding an online motorcycle taxi, which you can easily order from the ojol applications that you use on your Android device.

Maybe because they are motivated by the large number of ojol communities and many people who want to experience occasionally how to be an Ojol on the streets looking for passengers and completing orders as quickly as possible to get money.

And here I want to introduce to you one of the games that was recently released on the Playstore, namely Ojol The Game.

This game opens a new vision for simulation game lovers, especially those who want to realize almost the same activities they have encountered in real life in Indonesia, plus the mod version offered to you here makes more people excited to play it.

For that, for those of you who can't wait to play this game, you can also download the application for the original version on the next Playstore if what you are looking for here is a mod version of the game for sure you will have no trouble handling incoming orders and some missing items. open because there are several benefits that you can get here.

What can you get with this mod version of Ojol The Game? If you are curious why don't you just try this mod game. but before directing you to the download link, I want to invite you to see some information related to ojol the simulation game game becoming an online motorcycle taxi.

About Ojol The Game

The game online motorcycle taxi or what we usually call Ojol The Game, this simulation game invites you to experience how to be an ojol driver in your everyday life looking for passengers and executing orders to get money.

In this game your priority is to find as many orders as possible to become the best ojol driver. You can upgrade your motorbike and also your cellphone so that you can support your facilities in receiving orders even better.

And to upgrade your motorbike or replace your cellphone, you need the money you get from the orders you receive and this will take quite a long time.

While waiting for your order, you can take a walk around the map as you like. However, when there are orders, it is endeavored to finish immediately so that they will get a high rating. To get a high rating, the key is that you have to be fast in completing orders and don't let it because it will reduce your rating.

At least here the developer tries to provide a real game simulation with graphics, controls and features that will continue to be improved over time. And because many people complain about in-game money that is difficult to get, so you don't have enough time to play and unlock all the items and upgrades in it.

The easiest solution you can do for now is to use the mod version of Ojol The Game. And for that you are already on the right page, if you dream of becoming a rich ojol and a lot of money, you can download this mod game with some of the links provided below.

Ojol The Game Features

By downloading and playing Ojol the game mod apk there are at least some advantages and disadvantages that are obtained. Compared to the drawbacks, there will be more advantages here with the ease of playing, of course, will reduce the challenges of games where hard work is needed to become a good ojol driver and a lot of money.

Regardless if you want to get more money from the game when you first play the game. Then you can enjoy this with the mod version offered, for more details, you can see the following information.

1. Unlimited Money

In this game, you are required to find passengers and accept orders and complete them so you will receive money as a reward. You can use the money in this game at least to upgrade some items such as motorbikes or cellphones that you use to receive orders.

And because this may take a long time, some people are tempted and want to download the Ojol The Game mod with unlimited money features (unlimited money).

2. Unlimited Coins

The only item that is very difficult to find here is the coins you may need to top up into the game to get more coins which you can use to buy some equipment in the game. And because here you receive unlimited money, you will never even think you can spend it.

3. All Motors Are Open

At least at the beginning of this game, there weren't many models of motorbikes that you could buy, but you don't need to worry as time goes by, I'm sure there will be updates done so it's just waiting for the release date, friend. To open a motorbike, you need a certain amount of money and in the mod version of unlimited money you are free to buy any equipment you want, including a new motorbike.

4. All Helmets are Open

It's a good idea to comply with traffic rules by using the right safety tools both in the real world and even in the game. And since helmets are equipment that you must have, maybe you can unlock more helmets in the future with working game mods.

5. All HP Unlocked

It's just called ojol, aka online motorcycle taxi, so you need to pay close attention to how your cellphone works in this simulation game to receive orders, open maps and search for passenger areas. The more sophisticated the cellphone you have, of course, will support your work and buying it here requires money.

Don't worry, just buy whatever cellphone you want using unlimited game money.

6. Jackets

Every online motorcycle taxi has its own identity and the most striking thing about an online motorcycle taxi is the clothes, namely the jacket with its own logo and brand. You can find ojol jackets by opening the equipment option and looking at the various jacket options there.

7. Unlimited Energy

Humans basically have a feeling of fatigue after work as well as an online motorcycle taxi, this game is made as real as possible by involving reduced energy items every activity you do. To fulfill it, you can pay with coin items.

And because the coin items here are made in an unlimited number, you can finally play the game more freely whenever and wherever.

8. Unlimited Fuel

Petrol (Fuel) is needed to meet the fuel needs of your motorbike, don't let the motorcycle you drive suddenly die and can't run at the time of the order. For that, make sure your gasoline is fully filled by buying it using this unlimited purchase item.

How Mod Work?

Mod Features:

- Unlimited Coins

- Unlimited Money

- No Ads

Note: To activate Open Game and click on the Gift Box and Claim Coins and Money there.

Additional Information

Updated: 10 February 2021

Size: 49M

Installs: 100,000+

Current Version: 1.1.4

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 3+

Developer: CodeXplore

download~https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dn5kark8l7nrj/Ojol+The+Gamesize=Size: 36 MB

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