Picsay Pro Mod Apk V1.8.0.5 (Full Unlocked)


Picsay Pro Mod Apk

Download the latest Picsay Pro Mod Apk here for Android and take advantage of this opportunity to get all features that are completely open for free.

In this modern era, there are many activities and jobs that can be done more easily, of course, by utilizing some sophisticated tools that have been made by several people or even a large company.

This includes those of you who really like photos and edit them to become something that attracts people's attention. Now there is an application for photo editing that is super light and easy to use on the Playstore or Appstore for you IOS users.

And the name of this application is Picsay Photo Editor Pro Mod Apk with a super mod offering, finally you will receive more benefits than using the original version of the application available on Playstore.

At least by downloading the mod application that I offer to you, there will be more things you can do from the Photo Editing application with professional features, of course, unlocking all the features that you don't get in the original version.

Furthermore, before I direct you directly to the page where you can download the application here. I think some of the following information will be of great use to you.

About Picsay Photo Editor

Why are there thousands of people out there highly recommending you use the Picsay application? even this application itself is very successful on the Playstore with total downloads reaching 10 million downloads.

The best answer I can give you right now because Picsay is an application that is very suitable for simple photo editing and is easy to use even if you are a beginner though.

This application is very light and does not require more storage space which must be provided with a total capacity of less than 2 Mb, balanced with very complex tools for those of you who are still in the learning stage or just use this photo editing application to add or change some parts in photos you.

In the playstore you might find the download link easier, of course, with the Picsay Basic application offering so not many features and benefits that you can get.

For that I might have a solution, you can get the premium version or better known as the Picsay Pro Mod Apk so that you will experience more benefits from the same application as premium paying users.

If you are finally interested here and want to use this application, I think you will find the download link for the Picsay Pro Mod Apk application that you are looking for immediately below.

How to Download the Application

At least here you can access pages and application downloads more easily, but sometimes not all downloads can run correctly, maybe there are some technical problems that can't be explained in words.ta. And to be sure, in order for the download to actually take place you may need to take the following steps:

  • Make sure you have a good enough internet connection and don't forget to check the quota amount just in case the downloads can run smoothly.
  • Click on the download button above.
  • And you will be directed to go to a page where you can download the application.
  • Click download and see the download notification that appears.
  • That way the download will start immediately.
  • Wait until the download is completely finished, then install the application.

If the download is complete, the next step you have to do is install the application, and for some mod versions it is sometimes more difficult to do.

For this reason, if you have difficulty in the installation process or an unexpected error occurs, you can follow the guide I have given you below.

How to Install Applications

The application file that you get here requires you to install the application manually and some mod applications may have different methods.

Responding to some people who have difficulty installing the application that I have provided here, I want to give you a little tutorial about installation that you can do here, and for that you can follow some of the steps as follows:

1. Complete the Download

What to do for the first time is to make sure the file is downloaded to completion, if there are some files such as additional data or obb that need to be downloaded, then make sure you complete that download too.

2. Install the application

After you make sure all the files are downloaded, please install the application, and to prevent errors that may occur you need to uninstall the application with the same package and replace it with the latest version that was downloaded.

3. Allow Installation

If it is your first time installing an application from another source, then you need to allow installation from unknown sources through the settings menu options, security and allow installation.

4. Complete the installation

Click install again, and wait for the process to run.

If all the tutorials above have been done and you still can't access the application, you can submit all the complaints you want to know by writing a few comments or looking at some of the most frequently asked questions by looking at the faq information after I explain to you some of the features you can get in this application.

Picsay Pro Mod Apk Features

By using the free Picsay application, there are several features and items that will be locked and you will not get them by using them, unless you install the Professional application or subscribe to the application.

Apart from this method there is also another solution, namely by downloading the mod version of Picsay Pro Apk and since you are already here, let me tell you my experience using the modified Picsay Pro application and unlocking its features completely.

1. All Pro Features Open

By using the Picsay Mod Apk application you finally get an extraordinary offer from this photo editor, curious about what features are meant by the information below that will complete it.

2. Sharpen (Sharpen)

The photos you take don't look good enough even though you have tried hard so that the shots look focused and sharp with the object you want to photograph, No need to be sad The Sharpen feature on Picsay Pro Mod Apk can be the right solution to dealing with your problem.

2. Smooth (Smooth)

Hurry when shooting? Even though you know the quality of the camera on your cellphone may not be good enough, what happens is a lot of noise appears there which makes the photo not too smooth.

Don't worry because with Picsay Pro Mod Apk, all of that can be easily resolved using the Smooth feature.

3. Resize (Shrink)

Have you ever taken a snapshot from your cellphone and it turns out that the photo taken turns out to be very large in size? This often happens when you take photos of the highest quality in your mobile camera settings. Finally I just took a few dozen photos of your storage, you can barely hold it.

I have a perfect solution for you, please use the Resize feature (Shrink) the size of the photo in the Picsay Pro Mod Apk application so that you can take a large number of photos without having to worry about storing or uploading photos that are too long when uploading them on your social media .

The Resize feature is useful if you want to reduce the size of the photo. This is because some modern cellphones and cameras produce photos with sizes above average. In addition, the amount can also be adjusted according to your needs.

4.Crop (cut)

You are annoyed with your friends or people around and accidentally you are photographed with that person, most people think they will delete the results of the photo.

But what if the results of the photo look pretty good, especially in the lighting, background and the resulting colors are balanced? The only solution for you is simply cutting out the parts you don't want to show from this photo by using Photo Crop Fots.

As the name implies, this feature is certainly useful for cropping photos. In addition, it also removes annoying views on your best photos. This crop feature will not reduce the quality of the photo to be edited. However, the capacity is smaller than before.

5. Sticker (Sticker)

The photo you take with a super neutral face looks boring, it looks like there are no feelings that you share even though you have tried your best to show your feelings there.

Maybe some stickers will represent your feelings here and you are very lucky because you downloaded the Picsay Pro Mod Apk application so there are more cool stickers that can be used here.

If you want to add ornaments to your photos, this feature will bring out a cute effect. The stickers provided are very diverse, ranging from cartoons, objects around, writing and other cute shapes.

6. Contrast / Exposure (Balance)

There may be a more complete tool if you want to balance several aspects such as color, lighting contrast, effects and so on, such as Adobe Lightroom, which you probably already know.

It's just that not everyone has the skills to balance several parts and make your photos look like a professional editor. Sometimes using simple tools is enough to satisfy your desires so you can get shots with a more even atmosphere and background.

7.Blur (Blur)

One of your photos accidentally shows several objects that you don't want to appear in the photo you want to share. Therefore, blurred in the Picsay Pro Photo Editor Mod Apk application will be very useful for you to protect some things that may not be worth showing by blurring some parts there.

8. Pair Multiple Photos

Do you want to make several photos into one with this application? You can do that, please use the Insert Photo feature so that the photos you take can be juxtaposed with several other photos.

9. Brightness

Are you taking dark photos where at the time you are not getting the lighting well enough. Now use this feature to fix it, at least by giving it a higher light you will see some parts that were not previously visible in your shots.

10. Effect

Effects and filters are the parts needed by someone who wants to show a different impression from the previous shots, and I think with the Picsay Pro editor tool you can use some of the filter effects that have been prepared for you so easily.

With effects or filters added to images, your photos will be cooler and more attractive. PicSay also provides various effects / features according to the needs of each user.

11. Add Text (Add Text)

Your photos don't give you enough feeling and want to add some of the best sentences you created to share with your online friends? Use the Add Text feature of the Picsay Pro Mod Apk application that I offer you here.

12. All Fonts Unlocked

Don't forget the written fonts that might add art to your photos and because you have downloaded the Picsay Pro Mod Apk application, you will finally get more fonts that can be used.


  • Updated: January 13, 2021
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Developer: Shinycore

download~ 1,5 MB

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