Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk V1.038.15


Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk

Are You Missing going to school or hanging out with classmates? Hurry up and download Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk with unlimited money features and several other benefits.

You may be bored with Adventure games, also Batle Royale fighting games or moba games which are currently iconic in Indonesia for the game category. Especially since your activities are restricted by the government where the world is being ravaged by a terrible virus problem.

Starting from going to school, working together with my friends, these were activities that used to be very exciting to do but unfortunately in recent months these activities have not materialized.

One of the activities or activities that you might do every day is going to school, and even then it is affected so that you may have to study and complete assignments at home online.

So maybe some of you here miss the atmosphere at school, hang out with friends, gang, go to the library joking or even get punished by the teacher for falling asleep in class. I have a recommendation for a life simulation game of a teenager with the main activities at school

And for that, through this article I just want to introduce a simulation game to go to school, namely Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk. Why should the modified version? Because with this version you have several advantages that you won't be able to get from the original version.

How? Interested in the download now! Hurry up and download the Sakura school simulator mod here but before it becomes a reality, you must know some of the following information.

About Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator is a kind of simulation game that makes you feel what it was like when you were in school. Maybe more so because this is a game so you can do things freely more freely than the time when you were in your school.

This game was released by the game company Garushoft Development, inc in Japan in 2019. Now you can enjoy this game with several activities related to school.

Learning (Gain Knowledge), being naughty, smart diligent or even quiet is your choice. You can shop, eat in the canteen and fight with people around you more freely.

You can get some weapon items, or other items such as clothes, mobile, cellphone, of course by using the Mod version of the application offered, and before I share the download link sakura school simulator mod apk, I want to give you information regarding the gameplay of the game in question.


Starting from your boredom, and start playing simulation games going to this school. You can choose what character will be at least 4 characters that are available for free to play.

For the beginning of playing, maybe only two characters are open, but after watching two Ad Ads on the menu option you can get these two characters for free.

After that you can go to school and decide what character you will become, will you be a character who is diligent at school, or vice versa, you will skip school.

There are several missions and options that you can use to jump from one region to another with ease. Whether it's going to school or playing on the playground, all these things you can do.

Hitting someone or asking him to talk is also one of the things that can be done, but before hitting make sure you have a weapon item to defeat him.

Sakura School Simulator Mod Apk Features

By playing this sakura school simulator mod apk game, you will get some excellent features that will certainly make you interested and want to play this game. Both the original version and the modified version are offered.

Below are some of the advantages and features that you can get by playing the sakura simulator mod apk game on your device.

1. Interesting Life Simulation

Sakura School Simulator is about the life of a teenager who is still in school in Japan and is adopted into a game. Where by playing this game you can feel how Japanese teenagers get along and various Japanese-style life styles that you may not have met in real life.

2. Unlock All Character

In this game you can find 4 different characters, but in the beginning you can only use 2 characters. Namely Boy and Girl, two of them will open when you watch the ad in them.

3. Japanese Style and Decoration

The lifestyle of the Japanese and Indonesian people can be said to be very different, especially in the freedom of expression and romance. especially Japanese teenagers. Where there, men and women live side by side and can carry out youth activities more freely.

This is perfect for those of you who are looking for how Japanese life is and fantasize in this world.

4. Unlock All Skin, Character and Item

Before entering the game you can edit and customize (stylist) the clothes your character is wearing. Apart from that you can also add various other items such as glasses, wigs, etc.

5. Switch locations quickly

In this game you can find menu options that can make you teleport from one place to another in this game. You can find this option in the menu button which is located in the upper left corner.

6. No Ads (No Ads)

Basically, almost all free applications have advertisements in it, this is done to continue to support game developers / development in the future. And some of our friends here may be bothered by this ad script

For that you can play the following Sakuran School Simulator Mod and enjoy the game without ads in it.

7. Unlimited Money

Money here is one very important item because with money you can do all things freely and whatever you can do in the end, in the real world being rich is a dream of many people and they may not necessarily be able to achieve it.

But here in this fantasy world you have the freedom to buy and do all the activities according to your wishes.

8. Youth Life

Adolescence is one of the memories that will never be forgotten, how you get together with friends, have an affair with many women or men who become a character idolized by many people, all of them are there.

And through Sakuran school simulator you can enjoy the game with a typical youthfulness and nostalgia in a fantasy world.

Additional Information

Updated: 6 February 2021

Size: 175M

Installs: 10,000,000+

Current Version: 1.038.15

Requires Android: 6.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 18+

Developer: Garusoft Development Inc.

download~ 157 MB

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  1. Kenapa SSS gak bisa dimainin di android jelibin, sedangkan ml yang bertonton beratnya bisa, apa karena grafiknya, sayang hpku masih jellybean


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