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Sakura School Simulator

Bored at home there is nothing you can do? Want to go to school but the game is closed, download the old version of Sakura School Simulator APK here for android with a fun game simulation gameplay.

For those of you who are bored at home because of government policies and you are forced to do your usual activities such as going to school and others, I have one game that you can play with life experiences that will definitely make you addicted.

And that game is Sakura School Simulator Apk, especially for the old version, Do you know why there are so many gamers who really like this Sakura School Simulator for the old version? Surely you are also curious, not for that this article will be complete information for you.

And in the middle of the discussion, you will find a download link that directs you to a page where you can download the application. It's just to overcome your curiosity. I want to invite you to read some of the information that is here with a little story about what are the attractions of this game.

Games that make thousands of people finally get away from the boredom that has been bothering them with the unique and interesting experiences and gameplay you can get. Curious? Let's continue reading the article.

About Sakura School Simulator

Answering the questions of some of our friends who may have never played this game and are interested only because some people recommend it. In short, Sakura School Simulator is a simulation game about the life of a teenager about the age of a high school student in Indonesia.

The main activity in this game is learning which is why you see some characters in school uniforms both in the game preview and the game logo that you can see. And especially this game is made with experiences about the life of people in Japan.

It is really suitable for those of you who like anime and have dreamed of going to Japan in the future whether it is work, live in residence, school and so on. Bring up some handsome characters for male characters and beautiful characters for female characters.

You can also dress up your character with items such as clothes, hair, pants, and several other characters such as special characters for Halloween and weddings.

And talking about marriage, it is said that this game also allows you to marry your character with other characters in the game. You only have to attract your partner and make them fall in love. For that you need more money so that all access will be open easily.

Being rich makes someone's life better and maybe you will also be interested in the mod version that is offered. For that, please look for the link related to the sakura school simulator mod on this page because through this article I only share the download link for the sakura school simulator apk for the old version.

Sakura School Simulator Features

By playing the Sakura school simulator game, you will get some extraordinary benefits and benefits. I will explain some of them in this article and others that you will notice after playing them yourself.

Sakura School Simulator itself has become one of the most popular life simulation games, even some videos about the gameplay of this game were booming and attracted a lot of people's interest.

So you can enjoy the game with the following features:

1. Exciting Simulation Game

This game features unusual characters, places, and lifestyles that even you will be addicted to the gameplay of this game. Some people may still remember the game Bully, a naughty male student with a very popular story.

And Sakura school school simulator is a very different version of school life, Japanese-style romance.

2. Japanese Life

Some people may be interested in the animation made in Japan, and dream that maybe you can see how Japanese people really are and how places in Japan are with their characteristics.

This game is the answer to your curiosity from this beautiful country, which is a country known for its animated cartoons, clean and developed countries in Asia.

3. View of Japan

Can only dream and hope that once in a while you can visit this country and be part of your life story. It's just that you need to try harder to achieve it seeing how snow in Japan, the sophisticated city of Tokyo, cherry blossoms and some architectural buildings that reflect Japanese culture.

4. All Free

There are no purchases in this game, you can get everything for free, it's just that you need some effort to get it unless you play this game on the mod version of unlimited money and some other mod features.

That way it is almost impossible for you to be annoyed by the annoying circumstances of the Sakura School Simulator game.

5. Want to get married too

When I was a teenager where at that time there were several women who were close to me, I once dreamed what if I married that person after I finished my school.

Some people may be interested in marriage and feel happy if they can finally make it happen in the form of a game that I offer to you right now.

6. Open Characters

All characters are unlocked easily, no need to buy more or top up into the game. You can unlock all characters, both male and female by looking at the advertisements provided.

7. Funny and Unique

There are many people who prefer to play Sakura school simulator on the old version, they think for this old version it looks more old-fashioned, funny and unique to play. Some people find out by looking at some content that mentions how exciting it is to play Sakura School Simulator version 0.96 or 0.999 which incidentally is the first release of this simulator game.

Additional Information

Updated: 6 February 2021

Size: 96M

Installs: 10,000,000+

Current Version: 0.96

Requires Android: 6.0 and up

Content rating: Rated for 18+

Developer: Garusoft Development Inc.

download~ 98 MB

Reviews and Comments

  1. Bagus, bisa nostalgia dengan Sakura yang versi lama

  2. Ayo download, gak download nyesel loh

    1. Ada malw*r* gak, ini apk mod t4kut aku hp nya kenapa kenapa setelah donlot ini

    2. Aplikasi ini aman, saya coba pake antivirus nembus


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