Stick War Legacy Mod Apk V2021.1.4 (Unlimited Money)


Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Download the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk New Version for android which actually works with some features of unlimited money, gems, army and many more.

For those of you who are fans of strategy games, you must play this one game, namely the stick war legacy mod apk. This game is one of the most exciting war and strategy games to play in your spare time. This game is a war game that uses tactics and strategy to win the game.

During playing this game, you will be invited to fight against enemies using accurate strategies to defeat enemy troops. Using a war simulation between countries, this game is definitely suitable for those of you who like to play wars and develop complex strategies.

For more details, we will explain how to play the Stick War Legacy game as listed below!

Gameplay Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Playing war strategy games is fun, but the difficulty level is also much higher than playing regular war games. Therefore, so that you are good at playing this kind of game, you should apply some gameplay how to play this Stick War Legacy game.

1. Defend from Enemy Attacks

Playing war games definitely requires a solid defense method. Because, to be able to survive enemy attacks, your troops must have a strong defense system. This method is often used as a standard mode in a war game.

After all, if you use the defensive method, you are also much less likely to lose than you who started the attack. You should be able to use this tactic of the defense and attack method in a balanced way. You don't want to use the defensive method or the continuous fighting method during the game.

An interesting and exciting game is a game that creates tension but you cannot lose. That's what you have to do when playing this Stick War Legacy game.

2. Attacking Enemy Headquarters

If you have previously learned how to use the defensive method, the next step you need to do is attack. This needs to be done so that your troops do not appear passive. If your troops are passive, the enemy troops will become aggressive, then they can completely attack your troops.

If this condition is allowed to continue, it is not impossible that your troops will experience defeat. Hence, there are times when you carry out attacks on the enemy side, especially at their headquarters. When you want to attack your opponent, just press the attack button.

When attacking, you should aim directly at the target, don't target the troops. Destroy the symbol of the statue in the opponent's base. That way, you can win the game.

3. Move Back into the Castle

As the game gets more intense, all you do is move back into the castle. This method is included in the method of defense. As your troops get more and more pressed, you can enter your army of miners into the castle, then send out your army of archers to strike back at the enemy.

When you decide to attack, stay careful with your defensive troops. Make sure that your statue is protected from enemy attacks, or else you will lose.

4. Controlling Controls Manually

To control the gameplay, including attack and defense, you can play this game automatically. However, it would be better if you play it manually so that the controls can be controlled. In addition, if you have the control, you can adjust your attack and defense according to your needs.

How to take control of this game can use the stick war legacy mod apk unlimited all virtual analog. You can also control the action, attack, mine, or defense buttons through the stickman.

5. Troop Ability Upgrade

The next way is to upgrade the troops you have. This upgrade is done to increase troop capabilities. To upgrade your troops you can use the points you get every time you finish the game level.

This means that the more often you finish the game, the more opportunities you have to upgrade the troops you have. However, what troops can get this opportunity?

First is the mining troop. You can upgrade miner skills to make it faster and more efficient when looking for points. But, not only mining troops, special troops such as archers must also be equipped with qualified skills so that there will be no defeat.

5. Troop Formations Must Be Balanced

Attacking the opposing troops should not be arbitrary. You must have the right strategy, including a balanced troop formation. Generally, the most commonly used troop formations are those that have a melee fighter and a range fighter.

Then, also place your squad of heroes who serve as fighters in the very front position. This position is the most strategic because of its effect. You can immediately feel the strength of your troops by attacking the enemy. When attacking, don't forget to target the opponent's statue and grab the statue so you win.

The advantages of playing Stick War Legacy Mod Game

Every game that is released is definitely not perfect. Each game has its own advantages and disadvantages, including this game made by Max Games Studios. This game, which has been downloaded by more than one hundred million downloads, does have interesting advantages to play. And, the advantages of the Stick War Legacy game are:

1.All Skin Unlock (Unlocked)

One of the advantages of the Stick War Legacy Mod game is that the skin is unlocked. If you download a game that isn't a mod, of course you won't be able to access the skin for free. You have to download the game mod first so you can use the skins of all the characters in the Stick War Legacy game for free.

Each character's skin has different abilities and skills. It depends on the character skin you choose. Existing skins can also be used in various ways. Starting from old skins to new releases, everything can be accessed and used without fear of additional costs.

One type of skin that has special powers is ice skin. This skin has a special ability in the form of magical power that can be used to freeze enemies. There are still other unique skin types that you can use during the game.

2. The Visual Effects Are More Real

Lately there have been many good games with unique visualizations. One example is the game Stick War Legacy. In terms of images, maybe this game still has better competitors. However, in terms of image quality, it seems like this game also deserves thumbs up.

The picture quality of this game is clear, so it can spoil your eyes while playing the game. The depiction of the visualization is very real. Especially when the characters wear skins. In addition, small details such as blood, kicks, arrow effects, and so on, look very real when played.

These effects will certainly add to your sensation when playing games. You will be more challenged by the visual effects that are clear and look real, so that you are carried away by the atmosphere of the game.

3. Unlimited Gems

By playing the Stick War Legacy Mod Apk game that is offered, you finally have advantages and advantages that are incredibly abundant. Where for the original version you even need a long time to get this item and you won't think of getting it in larger quantities.

Some people even top up the game to get the gems that are much needed in this game. And I think to be overkill for a game with a mod version you have another reliable alternative.

So, for those of you who want to play Stick War Legacy, it's just that you need more gems in the game, please download this mod game, play it and feel the fun.

4. Unlimited Army

It is very fortunate that you are in this zone because you will get a mod game offering with Unlimited Army features so you can win every battle easily.

Completing every mission and story game faster, it's just that it will reduce the tense experience and progress in this game, for that I think you will be more interested in the mod version of unlimited gems only.

5. Unlimited Upgrades

Your skills and character can be improved in this game so you need more gems and a higher level to make it come true. So the answer I can give for those of you who want this feature is to download the mod version.

6. Unlimited Purchases

Because you have more money here, finally you will feel how to get the number of skills that can be purchased through the shop menu freely. That way you can play the game much easier and more fun.

Additional Information

Updated: 22 February 2021

Size: 102M

Installs: 100,000,000+

Current Version: 2021.1.4

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Content rating: Rated for 12+

Developer: Max Games Studios

Source Information:

download~ 102 MB

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